Liga MX President Mikel Arriola explains why he is concerned that Liga MX could fall behind Major League Soccer in terms of competitiveness. Liga MX President Mikel Arriola said on Wednesday he was “worried” about a possible fall below the MLS level, especially when it comes to investing and developing players in Liga MX. Liga MX President Mikel Arriola believes the upcoming League Cup could help Mexico move more players to major overseas competitions. Garber is unsure if Major League Soccer should host the MLS 2023 All-Star Game for the next few years, raising the question of whether Liga MX will be snubbed until 2023.

The national champions currently compete in the Copa Campeones, and this summer, the Liga MX All-Star team will face the Major League Soccer All-Stars for the second year in a row. The Major League Soccer market has money, but MX has a much more significant following in the region – its TV ratings in the US consistently outperform MLS and even the English Premier League. Except for a few months before Mikel Arriola took over, Liga MX still retained the accolade of being more valuable than Major League Soccer. 

As he admitted, Mikel Arriola reiterated that one of his government’s main goals is to increase the level of investment in La Liga MX, and the organisation of the next League Cup could be helpful, too following League Cup organisation could be beneficial. Mikel Arriola Penalosa was asked about the track routes of the two countries during an interview from the stands at the SoFi Stadium during the show League Cup match between Chivas and LAFC.

The MLS is expanding quickly, and each year it becomes a highly appealing league because of its clubs’ good financial standing, big stadiums, and, most importantly, the influx of top players into the country every season. This has made the MLS’s opponent, the MX League, too fearful of the MLS’s progress in both sports and business. The Seattle Sounders victory over a Mexican team to become the current Concacaf Champions League champion serves as an example.

Soccer is changing. The development of new technology is having an increasing impact on games. Look at how VAR has altered the game over the past few years to see how these technologies might significantly influence it. The MLS is the most recent league to dabble in cutting-edge technology. It conducted a ground-breaking experiment by mounting a camera on the referee’s chest during the MLS All-Star vs Liga MX match.