Football was already a popular sport in Mexico by 1916, especially among college students in Mexico City.

Students from Colegio Mascarones and Colegio Marista de la Perpetua founded the Récord and Colón football clubs. On October 12, 1916, the two squads decided to merge to form a more competitive squad.

Many names were considered for this new team, and team player Pedro “Cheto” Quintanilla proposed the name “América,” because the team was created on Columbus Day.

The players agreed and quickly created a crest with a map of the Americas in the center, a ‘C’ for “Club” on the left, and an ‘A’ for “América” on the right.

In deciding the team’s colors, Rafael Garza Gutiérrez got a pair of his father’s navy blue trousers and a yellow shirt and it was decided amongst the group that those would be the club’s kit and colors.

That is how arguably the best-ever club in Mexico came into existence!

Let’s talk about Club América!

1] Their home turf

Let’s talk about the wonderful Estadio Azteca before we get into the team’s performance on the field. Because of America’s growing popularity, it was created in the heart of Mexico City in 1966. And the club hasn’t disappointed with its performance inside the electrifying stadium since.

Even more amazing, the Estadio Azteca has hosted several spectacular World Cup Qualifiers. Simultaneously, the NFL has introduced games to Mexico to be played inside the Estadio. That’s how lovely it is, and it’s well-known around the world as a terrific site to watch a game.

2] Legendary club, legendary players

With so much greatness in the club’s history, you already know there have been some incredible players who have worn a Club America jersey. The list of all-time greats includes goal scorers, defenders, midfielders, and goalkeepers.

Luis Roberto Alvez, Alfredo Tena, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Carlos Reinoso, Carlos Hermosillo, Paul Aguilar, Guillermo Ochoa, Hugo Sanchez, Raul Jimenez, and many others are among them. Ochoa has returned to the team for his second tour of duty. He’ll be remembered as one of the best Mexican goalkeepers of all time.

3] CONCACAF conquerors

In terms of international competitions, Club America has the most FIFA titles of any CONCACAF team. America has seven CONCACAF Champions Cup/Champions League titles, two Copa Interamericana Cups, and one CONCACAF Giants Cup.

That vast series of titles distinguish Club America not only from the other teams in Liga MX but also from the other club squads in North America.

4] 105 years and counting

While we can speak about championships and excellent players all day, we must also realize that Club America has been in existence since 1916. That’s correct, as of this writing, the club has been playing for 105 years, providing amazing memories to all of their fans along the way.

While the club has had some lows, the club’s highs will always remind fans of why they are America fans. Without a doubt, this club’s history is unparalleled.

5] Best in Mexico

Club America has won the Liga MX a record 13 times. They are the most successful team in Mexico. Right behind them at 12 is Guadalajara, While Toluca has been crowned the champion 10 times.

They are number one in terms of league wins, as well as other factors such as international trophies, rich heritage and history, and, to top it all off, a fantastic stadium in the heart of Mexico City.

Club America, the best club in Liga MX!