The two clubs last met in the Liga MX playoffs after the 2020 Guardianes season, with Cruz Azul advancing 3-2 overall. There is no love between the Tigres and Cruz Azul, foes in this week’s Liga MX quarter-finals which are known to have fought after a pre-season game two years ago, and this week’s Liga MX quarter-finals they were a tussle. Please note that the away tie-break is no longer used in the Liga MX playoff structure, meaning that if both teams draw after two quarter-finals, Cruz Azul will advance first. It goes without saying that the away tie-break is no longer used in the Liga MX playoffs, meaning that if one of the two teams exits after two quarter-final matches, the unified runners-up will suffer as a seed season.

Former one seeded goaltender. Monterrey 7 Marcelo Barovero knocked out San Luis with ten sources from two stops to give the away Argentine team a 3-1 win on penalties. Former Tottenham Hotspur striker Vincent Janssen scored again after ending the 2022 goal deficit in his previous match. After two second-half goals from 10-seeded San Luis Monterrey, seven responded valiantly and equalised with 21 strikeouts. Despite a late draw in the 88th minute that sealed the score at 1-1, Cruz Azula’s goalkeeper Sebastian Jurado made a significant impact with six saves in regulation time and two extra stops in the next round of penalties.

Cruz Azul goalkeeper Sebastián Jurado delivered one of the best performances of his career on Saturday as he helped Cruz Azul to a narrow victory. With the Crown now fully set, it remains an open question whether supervisor Juan Reynoso will again give the starting spot to veteran 41-year-old or Cruz Azul goaltender Sebastián Jurado in the next quarter-final round against No. 1. The regular season’s top player will be a more challenging test for Cruz Azul. Despite being the attacking star André-Pierre Gignac. Coach Juan Renoso is not exactly in shape, and his team is not lacking in firepower. Which has scored 30 goals in 17 games.

In recent years, except for the Matias Almeida era when Chivas won two Liga MX crowns and a CONCACAF Champions League title, there has never been such an exciting and promising period for Chivas as it is now. It was the Pumas’ first Champions League final and their first continental final since 2005. The winner of the Champions League wins a place in the Club World Cup. The Pumas won the first leg of the semifinal 2-1 at home, with Juan Ignacio Dinenno scoring both goals. On the other hand, Christian Tabo scored a crucial away goal for Cruz Azul. Pumas were down a man for the rest of the match as defender Arturo Ortiz was sent off in the 63rd minute at Estadio Azteca. Pumas drew the second leg and advanced to the finals. Pumas were not that lucky in the CONCACAF finals as they drew the first match 2-2 against the American side Seattle Sounders. Coming into the second leg, the winner takes it all. Seattle Sounders won the tie 3-0 and the CONCACAF Champions League on a 5-2 aggregate.