El Clásico Regio is the most important game in the north of Mexico. It involves the two teams from Monterrey, which are Rayados and Tigres. These two teams have been played against each other for the 132nd time in history. The standing after this match are 46 wins for both clubs, 38 ties, one suspended and one invalidated. There has been much tension between these two clubs in the last ten years, because they have emerged as important teams in Mexico with Monterrey winning 4 CONCACAF Champions League and Tigres winning 5 league titles.

Also, Tigres won in 2017 the league final against Monterrey in their own stadium, which caused a major impact in the fans, that affected the stadium attendance from Monterrey to go from almost full to half or less from its 50,000 fans capacity. Then, on 2019, Rayados won the CONCACAF Champions League final against Tigres, which then created a debate between the clubs: Which has more value, the Liga MX or the CONCACAF Champions League?

After this context, Monterrey and Tigres were having the same results in the Guard1anes 2020 Liga MX, which both of them had 4 wins, 5 ties and 2 losses. This tactical analysis will show how the game went. The table was set, and it was up to both teams to continue the rivalry and be competitive. César Montes was sent off the last game, which cause Rayados to change its lineup. Tigres’s coach, Tuca Ferretti, did not put Luis Quiñones on the list, due to indiscipline. This game was important for both teams to ascend in their league positions, which the leader is Cruz Azul, who is competing against América.


Monterrey’s lineup was a 3-5-2 which then changed to a 4-4-2 after the 61st minute, when Daniel Parra and Dorlán Pabón substituted Miguel Layún and Jesús Gallardo. On the final 20 minutes, Antonio Mohamed made three substitutions, but did not changed its tactical style of 4-4-2 by subbing in Matías Kranevitter, Alfonso González and José Alvarado for Ortíz, Rodríguez and Meza.

Goalkeeper: 1. Hugo González

Defenders: 33. Stefan Medina, 4. Nico Sánchez and 20. Sebastián Vegas

Midfielders: 19. Miguel Layún, 29. Carlos Rodríguez, 16. Celso Ortíz, 17. Jesús Gallardo and 11. Maximiliano Meza.

Forwards: 10. Aké Loba and 7. Rogelio Funes Mori.

Tigres vs rayados 2020- 1

Tigres had the same lineup as the last game, which have changed from its natural 4-4-1-1 to a 3-4-1-2. The addition of Leo Fernández to the team, have caused Tuca Ferretti to improve its game and have changed from a dominant possession team to a more defensive and counter-attacking team. He has found in Nicolás “El Diente” López a super-sub, which changed the game when he step on the pitch in the 65th minute and scored in the 79th. Also, Eduardo Vargas entered in the 77th minute replacing Julián Quiñones. This was a great substitution because the Chilean player assisted López to secure the win.

Goalkeeper: 1. Nahuel Guzmán

Defenders: 4. Hugo Ayala, 21. Francisco Meza and 3. Carlos Salcedo

Midfielders: 28. Luis Rodríguez, 19. Guido Pizarro, 4. Rafael Carioca and 29. Jesús Dueñas

Attacking Midfielder: 17. Leonardo Fernández

Forwards: 10. André-Pierre Gignac and 33. Julián Quiñones

Tigres vs rayados 2020- 2


Tigres had a more effective game than Rayados, not only in goals, but in almost every stat. Tigres did not created so many opportunities with their 0.73 xG, which on the other hand, Monterrey had 1.09 xG but did not score a single goal. Rogelio Funes Mori has been heavily criticised due to his lack of goals but a high quantity of missed opportunities; on this game, he had 0.49 xG but again, missed to score. Tigres started the game holding position and giving Monterrey the opportunity to score, which on the first minutes the post rejected the locals opportunity to have the lead. Leo Fernández was waiting for its opportunity, which caused him to fail a dribble on the 24th minute. But on the rebound, Luis Rodríguez had space to make a low cross, which Leo quickly react to slide and score a 0.55 xG shot.

tigres vs rayados 2020-3
Assist from Luis Rodríguez to Leo Fernández.

Monterrey tried from long distance, which did not made any trouble to Nahuel Guzmán. The first half was dominated by a 63% possession in the first 30 minutes, but then Monterrey had a 58% in the last 15 minutes. Entering in the second half, Monterrey had a 65% possession with domination. Then Tigres recovered the possession with a barely 54%, in which the goal was produced. On the last minutes, Monterrey had a 70% in possession, but Tigres strong defensive positioning helped to keep the clean sheet. As well, Rayados had 96 possession against 91 from Tigres.


Tigres and Rayados had similar stats in passing, but Tigres was superior with its 85% accuracy. Rayados developed an aggressive game with a top quality accuracy in passes, but not in finishing. As well, in long passing, Tigres was slightly superior, but both teams did not have a great time, most of the balls were divided; with Tigres having a 12% and Rayados a 9% in long pass accuracy. Finally, Tigres won the match, because of the two passes that were important; from Luis Rodríguez to Leo Fernández, and from Eduardo Vargas to Nicolás López. Both were aggressive, Rayados at attacking and Tigres at counter-attacking, with an average possession of 15 and 14 seconds respectively.

Tigres vs rayados 2020-5
Eduardo Vargas assist to Nico López.

Tuca’s master plan

Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti is an experienced coach in the Liga MX. He has not been unemployed, because each time he leaves a team, an offer is received. Due to his vast games, knowledge and tactical analysis, he knows how to beat each team and with his temperament, he establishes discipline among players. Tuca has already won against Monterrey, and he knows Antonio Mohamed very well. By changing his style in prior matches, he knows that Monterrey has a great attack, but a fragile defense. He also knows, that Funes Mori has been missing many opportunities, as well that, after the transfer of Rodolfo Pizarro to Inter Miami, Rayados has had a lack of creativity in the last third. The plan was simple, hold shape and wait.

Tigres is an experienced team with great patience, which has worked for them to win 4 titles in 10 years. As well, Rayados is always in need for wins, which Mohamed know that the fans and board are demanding immediate results. Ferretti is a complete coach, which makes him an expert at attacking and at defending, which this match he made his players know that they will suffer a great amount of shots. Ferretti was right, Tigres received 50 attacks, but only 16 shots. However, of those shots Rayados only produced 1.09 xG. This shows how Tuca knows that their forwards are elite and will score if the opportunity rises. Not to forget, Nico López and Leo Fernández have been in a great form these three matches, which they make sure to keep the form by scoring today. Ferretti played different, but obtained the same result.


Tigres went home knowing that they outplayed Rayados. The Pressing Intensity (PPDA) shows that Tigres pressed in a 10.7 against a 6.7.This resulted in a victory for the Brazilian coach side. This rivalry will be in favor of Tigres, because they have won the last three matches and no goals were scored from Rayados. Mohamed has been heavily criticised due to the lack of wins in this 2020, with only 5. There is much to improve in both sides, because Tigres as well needs to have more possessions and not rely much on super-subs or only a few opportunities, having one of the most valuable teams in the continent. Rayados also has a high valuable club than Tigres, and couldn’t score against them for the third time in a row. To be highlighted the performance of Luis Rodríguez and Rafael Carioca, which were flawless and important in this match.

tigres vs rayados 2020 -6
Rafael Carioca heat map.